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We've witnessed firsthand the failures of today’s standard eyelash extensions training. You’ve all seen the horrific pictures, but we see it up close and personal on a weekly basis. It still pangs us each time we see a client with damaged lashes caused by the same people that they are trusting to create beauty. This should not be allowed to continue, but the reality is where’s there’s money to be made, people cut corners and take shortcuts ending with poor results or worse, causing severe damaged to the client that can take weeks or months to recover. Same goes for the lash technicians’ tarnished reputation.


After witnessing this for too long, we’re now doing our small part by properly educating the next generation of lash technicians. But we’re doing it completely in new and unique training method.  We've done this because we did not want to follow in the failed model of the current 1 or 2 day eyelash extension trainings. If your wish is to become a mediocre lash technician, then the status quo is for you. But, if you desire to become an Elite Lash Artist, you need something totally new.  Olivia&Lash has developed The LashStandard Elite Lash Artist Training Program, and in the process, we believe, will be establishing the New Standard of Eyelash Extension training…here in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. We invite you to join us on this journey.



























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Current Eyelash Training Classes are NOT producing successful lash technicians.  Period.


There seems to be new eyelash extension classes, seminars, and trainings popping up every day. So much so that you may be wondering, does it even matter who trains you or even how you receive the training.  Before answering, step back for a moment and ask yourself, are there differences in people’s skills, experiences, and reputations? You know the answer.  And it’s THIS difference, which separates a master lash artists from a decent one. And it the difference from a master lash artist that is exactly what you want to seek out. It's this REAL difference that will separate you from the masses, propel you forward, and elevate you to your full potential.


Unfortunately, there are very few master lash artists who are Hands-On eyelash trainers. We hear the same story over and over again. Students feel they are just a number in an assembly line of the many ‘Hit and Run’ lash extension class...in-and-out before the weekend’s over. Where they are force fed filler information for half of the time and receive very little personal, one-on-one, quality instruction time with each individual student.


It’s over before they know it, then they walk out in a daze, not knowing what they learned or how to proceed and….feeling alone. Not prepared. Not provided a clear direction or support to guild them through the next part of their journey. Many even let us know that after completing the training class, there was not one personal follow up from the instructor or organization. What the heck?!?!


Why is it so hard to get a clear understanding of what you’re going to expect? There is still too much secrecy and closed-mindedness in this industry.  Eyelash extensions are still relatively new here and we’re still in the Wild Wild West times of our industry.  Exciting? Yes! Filled with opportunities? Yes! But beware of the snake oil charlatans who over promise, but under deliver.


So, before making this critical, future shaping, decision on who you train AND partner with, please conduct through research. Any legitimate individual or organization should be more willing to help you understand exactly what you will be taught, how you will be trained, and most importantly, what their support and development plan POST training session is for their students...meaning YOU!


You do not want to be have the same fate as those countless student lash technicians who've placed their trust and money in the hands of those who are not committed to the success of their students. Resulting in reduce confidence, earning potential, and many times...failure.


Olivia knows exactly what you're feeling because she's been RIGHT where you're are now.  She's experience the many emotions, including doubt and fear, along with the many struggles of starting something totally new.  Let her share her journey with you and help you on your own personal journey. Together, we can transform your life through the power of knowledge, skill, and partnership.

Our Lash Training Program is Results Driven. We're Setting the New Lash Standard in Eyelash Extension Training.


We believe that excellence is recognized and rewarded. Olivia’s journey is proof! Olivia’s passion to provide the only the very best to her clients and to those looking to enter the growing lash industry now has a new outlet with her new Palo Alto Eyelash Extension Training Center.  The opportunities for the elite lash artist are boundless, but to achieve this level of skill and success you’ll need put your trust in the right person and organization. Olivia has mastered the latest lash extension techniques available here and Korea and will provide you a rare combination of artistry and technical skill possessed by only a very few. Our experience and research with clients and other lash artists has made it absolutely clear the need to offer a new level of lash training.


Learn directly from the person who’s built Olivia and Lash into the Premier Bay Area Eyelash Extension Studio. Our eyelash extension training is structured very differently with a focus on results with the expressed intent to place you on the path to the top tier of this industry.


Olivia has built her training program from both the 2 decades of Korean lash industry (did you know that lash extensions were first invented in Korea?) and her extensive work with some of the most demanding and perfection-seeking clientele in the industry. The result is the most engaging, systematic, technical, and business oriented program available. Bar none.


You will NOT be a just name and number to be push through the assembly line as with other training programs. Ours is an intensive month long online and live training program, with a 30 day follow up period that, once complete, will create a high-level lash artist AND business person. You will then be able to command the highest fees and respect among your clients and your peers in the industry. We are setting a new standard with our lash training program. One that focuses on results, which is your success.

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December's Lash Training was Awesome
Tons of 1-on-1 support
Intense lash extension training
Our lash artist students are #1
Focused lash extensions training
Learn from master lash artists

Here's a high-level overview of our Elite Lash Artist Eyelash Extensions training classes and certification program:


Our program will be divided into the following sections:


  • Classroom Sessions

  • Homework Practice Sessions

  • Weekly Critique & Feedback (1st mo)

  • Live Model Work - Both on and off-site

  • Online Eyelash Extensions Classes & Distance Learning beginning in 2019



The first class training session will lay the foundation of our lash extensions program and guild you through the process of core skills acquisition and the fundamentals principles of eyelash extensions. We believe success comes with focus and intensity, so that’s exactly what we’ve planned for and expect of you in this first session. And, in order to increase you focus of these critical foundational principles of eyelash extensions, we will deliberate NOT be discussing or otherwise worrying about future training. Due to the importance of these core foundational skills, we want all your mental and emotional energies in this training to solely be focused at the task at hand. So, please trust us, clear your minds, be ‘Present’, and ready learn!


You'll then have a few weeks of practice.  This practice time will elevate you to a point where you'll be able to use your time with Olivia and your model to the fullest and most efficient.


Then three to four week later, you'll have a follow-up session. which will be the hands-on deep dive into lash extensions technique. Olivia will teach, closely observer, and correct your technique in this session. And because of your weeks of practice, you'll be able to focus on what she's teaching and quickly improve, rather than worrying about how to hold your tweezers properly. This will be an intensive session, as the conclusion, you'll be able to work on real people (but not paying clients yet) safely as you continue your learning phase.


After your 2nd session, to show our commitment to you and your success, you will then be 30 days of follow up period where Olivia and team will touch base, answer questions, and track your overall progress and, of course, provide additional help and support if needed. We know of no other eyelash training program in the Bay Area or the U.S. that provides this amount of student support after the lash training course is over. 


We will provide a Kit w/ all the tools and supplies. All you'll need to bring is a model for the second session. We are planning on keeping the training a small and intimate group to allow us to fully give our attention to you.

You will gain EXTENSIVE knowledge about lashes, safety, allergy precautions and so much more. You will gain hands-on training in every aspect of Semi-permanent lash application process. On top of this, specific online training will be devoted to the business aspects of the lash industry and to your personal business and brand. No other training course offers this much focus on your skills and future success.               


The LashStandard® Eyelash Extension Certification Training is ideal for:

  • Those with no prior experience in eyelash extensions

  • Lash Artists wanting to take their eyelash education and skill level to an elite level

  • Lash Artists wanting to make an amazing business making clients look and feel their best!

  • Lash Artists who want to open their own business or if selected, to join our trusted Olivia&Lash family

Olivia&Lash’s LashStandard® Advanced Classic Lash: Online and Live/ $2,195 + $300 Lash Kit: Total Course fee $2,495

*Sign up NOW and received a  $600 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT! [for next month] - $1,895 (w/ discount)



PayPal Promo: No Payments + No Interest if paid w/in 6 mos.


Lash Extensions + Lash Lift Trainings

Contact us for Private & Small Groups Training info & schedule



2019 - JANUARY


Register by Dec. 20th and get a $500 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $2,495 (w/ discount)




Register by Jan. 20th and get a $500 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $1,995 (w/ discount)


2019 - MARCH

San Francisco, CA Session 1 - TBD & Session 2 - TBD - $2,495 (SOLD OUT)

Register by Feb. 20th and get a $500 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $1,995 (w/ discount)


2019 - APRIL

San Francisco, CA Session 1 - TBD & Session 2 - TBD - $2,495 (SOLD OUT)

Register by Mar. 30th and get a $600 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $1,995 (w/ discount)


2019 - MAY

San Francisco, CA Session 1 - May 26th & Session 2 - TBD - $2,495 (BOOK NOW)

Register by Apr. 30th and get a $700 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $1,895 (w/ discount)

2019 - JUNE

Vacaville, CA Session 1 & 2 June 30th & July 1st  - $2,495 (BOOK NOW)

Register by May. 31th and get a $800 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT!   - $1,795 (w/ discount)

NEW for 2019 Students:

- UNLIMITED Post-Class Support*

- Position w/ Olivia&Lash Upon Successful Certification

- Development Path to Managing/Owning an Olivia&Lash Studio**


*For one month after the start of initial training

**Upon successful attainment of quality and milestone requirements

+ California Requires a beauty license to offer lash extensions, but it's not a prerequisite for taking this training

-Classes are all taught by Olivia&Lash’s Founder, Master Eyelash Stylist and Educator Olivia Han and team

Course Investment

One of the considerations you are weighing is the cost of this training, right? Before deciding on a training organization, please do thorough research on each program. In addition to researching lash extension classes, workshops and programs, it’s super important to gain some understanding of the lash extension industry and its opportunities and also challenges.


The ask yourself. How much value do you place on learning this new skill? What type of impact do you wish this new talent to have on your life? Do you even know the true ‘value’ of this eyelash extension skill and artistry? And will the quality of training boost your chances of success? Are eyelash extensions even a growing market and opportunity?

If you’re an outsider, looking in, you most likely do not know this industry or how becoming a high-level lash artist will impact your life. One way you can get a better sense of the opportunity of lash extensions, is by seeing what others are paying...or should I say investing in Lash Studio’s.

Why would intelligent and highly successful individuals...a lot of people, mind you, pay upwards of $500,000 to own a lash studio? They’ve done their research and came to the conclusion that lash extensions is a growing and can be a highly profitable business. We agree. Take a look at Entrepreneur Magazine's popular franchise edition and you’ll see that  lashes on the top beauty segment of the hottest/fastest growing franchise list. Right below that is New York Beauty Institute's trend report eyelash extensions. This is proof that lash extensions is a growing beauty trend, BUT, there are a ton of risks and challenges.

The core of the success of these businesses is rooted in the level of talented lash artist they can attract. High level lash artist will earn the owners a ton of profit day in and day out. At the same time the lash artist could earn a very good living themselves. Win-win, right? Yes, but, if these lash businesses can not attract great lash artist, then their odds of success drops dramatically and the owners seriously risk losing everything. Becoming the key to others people's success will insure that you are the key to your own success.

If you wish to learn anything, especially career or business related, you need to understand how critical it is that you become the best, elite lash artist. This is directly related to which training program you choose.


If you truly understood the value of a high level, proper training, you would NOT be concerned w/ a price difference of few bucks. Your ONLY concern is spending your money on the RIGHT program. Because the ultimate value of any training should be the success you attain from the knowledge and support you receive.


We sincerely feel that after you do your research, we will be at the top of your list to consider joining.

Here are a few students who have blessed us w/ their presence AND have also generously shared their feelings with all of us the story of their journey … with Olivia and Lash.

Hear Testimonials from Real Students of our Lash Extensions Training















































































































REGISTER NOW to lock in savings. Live training fee's will continue to rise. Due to the Olivia's high teaching standards, the amount of time and energy that we've devoted to our students is much more than anticipated (we are still working w/ them now!). Therefore, we will no longer be offering discounted training fees and may have to further increase our training fee to better reflect the amount of support we provide our students. In fact, by the end of of January will mark huge milestone for our eyelash training classes. We will extended offers to students from EACH of our training classes an opportunity to team up with Olivia and Lash. That's fast! No other lash training program can product such talent in such a short amount of time. Truly unheard-of anywhere else! We'd love you to join us before we make further fee hikes or possibly switch to a completely online eyelash extension training program.

Email Olivia@OliviaLash.com to register for your life-changing course!

**Olivia&Lash does not require your full payment upfront. $300 is due as a non-refundable deposit to hold your place, and the remaining balance is due 2 weeks prior to your course**


As a BONUS all students receive: 

  • Business Building Couching

  • 20% all product purchased at training

  • A spot on the Olivia&Lash Lash Stylist Directory upon full certification



Why is our Elite Lash Extension Training more effective?





















To Register for the program, please email Olivia@OliviaLash.com

*Please note that program is subject to change w/o notice

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