Your Appointment w/ a Jr. Lash Artist

Due to the significant demand from those who wish to try this popular beauty service without paying the full retail fee, we are offering a special service that will allow you book an appointment with a Jr. Lash Artist at a substantially discounted fee. But, before you book, please note the following important information that we require both your understanding and agreement:

  • Although, they may have several months of experience, Jr. Lash artists are still in their training phase and have not yet transitioned (officially) to an Olivia&Lash Lash Artist.

  • Lash sessions with a Jr. Lash artist are considered a training sessions. The session will be providing an opportunity for the Jr. Lash artist to further practice and grow their skills and at the same time providing a way for the artist earn some revenue to cover training expenses. 

  • Lash sessions with a Jr. Lash artist are not guaranteed in any way. Please do not be surprised if the lashes shed faster than what our clients are normally accustomed to with the senior lash artists.

  • Sessions with a Jr. Lash artist will require the client to sign a release of liability waiver.

  • Booking a Fill appointment with an official Olivia&Lash lash artist AFTER your Jr. Lash artist session will be charged at the minimum fee for that particular lash artist. See above for the fee schedule

  • Please note that Jr. Lash artist are NOT employees of Olivia&Lash and therefore, not to be held responsible for any work they perform.

Please note that your booking with a Jr. Lash artist is acknowledgement that you understand and agree to the terms and conditions listed here.



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