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We’re super excited to finally announce the upcoming launch of Olivia Han Academy’s online eyelash extension training program. It’s been a long journey to arrive at this point, but you’ll see it’s been more than worth it! That’s because, in order for us to deliver to you the most effective and results oriented lash extension classes, we had to once again reinvent this industry. As we did for our live trainings we've now done for our online eyelash extensions course.


Why did we go through this enormous and ongoing undertaking? Simple. Olivia's goal was to create a online lash extensions training program that worked! With the end result being students being placed on the path to becoming Elite Lash Artists.

Olivia's vision of a distance learning program that delivered the same intensely personal learning experience, as close to our unique live trainings, was her goal. Why? Because she believes that the life changing transformation of her proven lash education system shouldn’t be limited to only those who live close by.

First Ever Online Lash Class with a Personal Lash Trainer

As with what she has always done, Olivia’s method of developing her eyelash extensions online training classes was not just to create the same old status quo junk that's been failing the industry and its students for years. That would also run directly opposite of what Olivia has stood for and done from day 1. Which is to provide the finest, most innovative lash extension training programs in the country...bar none. It's in our DNA and we’ve achieved this with our live lash trainings here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and now we’ve done the same with our certified online eyelash extensions training course.

Our singular focus in our training is high-level lashing. That means you will be taken on a deep dive into the mechanics of the process that’s nearly impossible unless you have a 1-on-1 high-level instructor by your side. One who will show you how the slightest adjustment, minute change can separate the future master lash artist from the future failed lash artist. This can NOT be accomplished on your own or with programs with only one or two touch points between you and the instructor.  


Let me make this absolutely clear. It doesn't matter how amazingly talented the instructor is...unless the instruction and/or training organization has a structured, predefined after-class support in place to help guild you through your though the most critical stage in your training (the first 1 to 3 months), your education is taking a backseat to their profits.  

The cold hard fact is that you, as a beginner, absolutely need and require someone much better than you to guide you through this lash journey. And it's common sense that this is not a 1 or 2 day journey to be an elite lash artist! You won't even be able to build a solid lashing foundation, let alone be ready to be on your own with these Hit-and-Run 2 day courses.


Quite frankly, the more unqualified and low level artists out their make our high-level work and our lash students more highly desired, but it's just a absolute shame and sad situation that so many women (and more men now) because of the poor training they received can never reach their full potential. We can't change the past, but we feel a strong responsibility to the industry and its clients, but more importantly, to the next generation of eyelash technicians, who enter this field with hopes of changing their and their loved ones live's, only to have the misfortune of choosing the wrong lash training organization to partner with.

One of the key elements we develop in our students are proper habit formation. It’s impossible for you to develop proper habits within only 1 or 2 days of class training or an online training with no or limited interaction with instructors. Unfortunately, this IS the norm! This lack of support is the quicksand to your success and the dirty little secret of the lash industry. We’ve initiated a HUGE shift in the eyelash extensions with our one month training program and things are changing in the lash industry….slowly. But, for online lash extension courses and training programs it’s still a black hole after you ‘complete’ the course.


And what does it mean to complete their course? No one values an eyelash certification or lash certificate because you watched a few eyelash videos. Watching a few lashes videos without MEANINGFUL interaction with a high-level eyelash extensions instructor is basically worthless and will place you right at the bottom of this lash industry. Detailed and personal feedback of your work and development is critical for your success as a lash artist. Olivia understood this from the beginning and because she saw and hear from tons of students lacking any structured after-class guidance, she developed her 1-Month Elite Lash Artist Training Program. It's been a massive success. Why? Because of the success of our students! That's the true measure of any course, class or training program. 


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