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Microblading -                        $400

Ombre -                                    $400

Microblading + Ombre         $450


Permanent Eyeliner -            $300



Lip Blushing -                        $600

Individual Hair Stroking - IHS

Hairline -                     $995


Scalp Micropigmentation is the number 1 way to deal with hair loss for both men and women. Whether it’s used for adding density to thinning hair or completely restoring a hairline, it offers perfect, undetectable results almost instantly and with very minimal inconvenience and aftercare.


When compared to other options such as highly invasive and expensive hair transplant procedures and drugs that can have a multitude of side effects, SMP offers a welcome alternative. The client can completely get back their confidence over a few short visits without the risk or cost of other options.

Using cosmetic tattoo we can deposit tiny amounts of pigment into the scalp to replicate hair follicles. It is a completely natural, non invasive treatment that gives the appearance of tiny hairs growing out of the scalp that can completely restore the hairline add density to thinning hair.



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